Navigating Towards Greater Wealth

Planning for your future is like learning to sail.

You need to master terminology that is centuries old to such an extent that it becomes second nature to you. You must learn to read the wind and the water and to chart your course so that your sails are filled and none of your lines are tangled. And, as every sailor knows, often you need the help of an experienced professional to show you the ropes and keep you headed into the wind.

At Mainsail Advisors Services, LLC, we provide the guidance our name implies. By focusing on the people and the process, and not just on the product, we help our clients work to achieve their goals at every stage of life. Whether planning for the education of your children, your retirement, or simply helping you to avoid unnecessary risk, our team of experienced financial professionals uses our core values of integrity, objectivity, service and stewardship along with in-depth technical competence to create a comprehensive plan designed to identify and overcome financial issues and problems, manage investments and minimize income and estate taxes. We help you evaluate your current financial position, define your goals and objectives, evaluate your tolerance for risk and develop a plan of action that incorporates all of these elements. Furthermore, we work with you to monitor the plan on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to meet your needs.

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